Sunday, August 24, 2008

Getting Back to Normal

Things are getting back to normal as the flood waters have subsided on the streets. There is lots of sand in the road where the flooding was the worst. The rivers in the area are still increasing and many are now above "flood stage". School resumes tomorrow for Meghan.

Friday afternoon as the outer bands of Fay moved through, I was struck by how beautiful the sky is in the aftermath of one of these storms. Meghan and I saw a rainbow that went straight down instead of having the classic arc that is normally seen in rainbows. The sky was fill of the grayish white clouds that were part Fay. The cloud cover that these storms create in their wake have a texture to them that is impossible to define. Normal clouds day to day seem almost one dimensional compared to these clouds. As the sun set in the west these clouds created a swirly vision glowing light through the clouds themselves and shades of pink in the areas between the clouds. Unfortunately I did not have a camera with me and my cell phone with the camera met with disaster with another type of water source earlier in the week and was not completely operational at the time. (Better luck next time)

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