Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Who Knew....

Who knew that going to the bank for the store would ever be a test of your ability to think quickly and react. The bank parking lot is apparently the latest place to test your defensive driving skills. I never knew this until today and due to my job description, I usually am in and out of the bank parking lot 3-4 times a week at least.

Fortunately even though I go for a commercial account, the bank has a drive through lane reserved exclusively for those accounts. This is where the "Fun" began. The vehicle in front of me was F-250 extended cab pick up. That was not such a bad thing but this guy was towing approximately a 16 ft trailer that had a wheel base wider than his truck. Loaded in his trailer where crab traps stacked as high as his truck and filled the entire entire trailer except at the end which had a tub. Now folks if you do not drive a large vehicle, let me assure you that going through here is a tight situation even in my Tahoe without towing extra baggage behind you. After he completed his business at the drive thru window, he tried to pull forward. Suddenly the guy figured out "oh, *!$*" I cannot drive thru, he threw his truck in reverse and began backing up. Fortunately today I was not fiddling with my ipod and was able to react quickly and back up before he mowed me down. The exceptional talent he demonstrated doing this brings to mind a line from an old country western song Give Me 40 Acres and I will turn this rig around. For those of that are mentally challenged - the lanes in the drive through at the bank are apparently not the same size. Yes, the guy tried to go out one of the other drive thru lanes after he finally managed to back his vehicle out. He almost took out one of the teller chutes before he realized that YES THEY ARE ALL THE SAME SIZE!!!!! At this point he was forced to back all the way back out to the entrance of the drive thru.

Of course this could not be the end of the adventures in driving in the bank parking lot. After I finished my business at the window, I pulled out. There is an area at the bank if there are two cars coming at the same time, one car must wait before the other can go around the corner. I stopped to wait for the approaching car to come around the corner. What did the blue hair lady in the approaching car do? She squeezed between me and a parked car to come up parallel to me on my right side.

The lesson from all this is the banks parking lot is a lot more dangerous than you think.

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