Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I have been very negligent in leaving any post lately. Things have been hectic at work for both Alan and I. Combine that with Meghan winding down the school year, things just seem to be happening very fast. When I have been online, I have been hanging out on sites that do not require me to be an active participant - you know the places where you can take stupid quizzes or just post a statement. Twitter has been a favorite lately since I can leave a statement that I do not necessarily have to explain or analyze why I have that thought. In addition I have been hanging out on Face book too. I went to Face book when my high school group moved there from msn groups a couple of months ago. I have actually spent the past few weeks looking for friends from high school and have managed to be back in touch with several people that I lost contact with years ago and found others that will get me in touch with others I hope. Some of these people go back to kindergarten. Sort of cool to hear what all these people are up to now. While searching through Facebook, I found something very disturbing, and it is the main reason for this post.

While searching for one person in particular, I found her uncle who was only two years older than us. I searched through his friends to see if by chance she was listed. I was very disturbed by the number of people I recognized on his friends list. There are a large chunk of people that were listed as friends that I know for a fact had very little or nothing to do with him in high school and yet now they are okay with people seeing their name attached to him as a friend. Of course I realize that as we "grow up", we are suppose to move past the whole clique stage from high school; however, I still find it very disturbing that this many people are changing their tune like this. Maybe going to Hollywood and being in a couple of movies makes these people suddenly proud to claim you as a friend. I suppose my real problem with this is that it means that some of the people I went to high school with have not really "grown up" enough to be any less shallow than they were in high school. Perhaps they are simply try to right their past behavior but I wonder whether they would still be listed on his friends page had he stayed local and not gone to Hollywood. I just find this all very hypocritical. Am I simply to cynical?

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