Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Its That Time Of Year Again...

Well folks its that time of year again. I used to think that Christmas time was the most expensive time of year but I think I am starting to reevaluate that concept. We are at the end of April and it is time for the wallet to open again.

Last week we received the registration forms for dance class and the audition information for BSYO. Of course there are registration fees associated with both these forms.

Next up are the purchase of tickets to the BSYO final performance of the year and tickets for the danced recital. This year is the first time that there has been a limit on the number of free tickets you get for the dance recital if your child is in more than one class. In addition, we were also given the type of tights, shoes and accessories we need to purchase for the recital.

As a reward there are all the dinners that come after these events. (Can you say Red Lobster 3 times within a month) Now might be the time to purchase stock in Darden restaurants.

Not to be forgotten is the end of the school year. Yeah!!!

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