Friday, January 20, 2012

Introduce yourself

Okay so Day 1 is to introduce yourself...where to begin....

My name is Jini (pronounced Jenna).  Odd I know but it is what it is.  I am rapidly approaching 40 and am completely undecided as to how I feel about it.  Hopefully I will handle it much better than I did 30.  My 30s have been a voyage of self discovering that was totally unexpected.  I think I am more laid back and accepting of things as I leave my 30s behind.  I see the gray shades in life much more clearly and have learned that not every battle is worth fighting or winning.  Sometimes you should save yourself the exhaustion and move on.

I am very happily married to the love of my life.  We meet in Jan. 1991 in a political science class in college.  We married in Oct. 1995 and so we have been happily married for 16 years.  Alan and I welcomed our daughter to our family in Jan.  1999.  She has been and continues to be a great source of pride to us.  She is exceedingly talented and smart.  I take exceptional pride in my husband and my daughter.  My universe revolves completely around them.  Because our work schedules are crazy, we tend to avoid doing things that take away from family time.  It is very precious to us and we always feel short changed in that we do not get enough of it. 

We have now two cats in our home.  Nibbles, whom many previous post have been written, and now Jasper.  Jasper came to us just before Christmas.  Jasper along with 2 other cats were dumped in the parking lot at work,  the other 2 found homes by the end of the night and Jasper was left.  I could not leave him so I took him home and placed him on the back porch hoping to find him a home.  Had many people claim an interest but none came through. A couple of weeks back it became really cold and Jasper made his way from the porch into the house.  So Jasper now has a forever home.  (yes I am a sucker and will probably be THE CAT lady when I am old)  Jasper was named by Meghan and yes after the Twilight character, because I mentioned that he looked like he had vampire teeth.

The older I get the more important family becomes.  Not just the biological but the friends that become so important in our lives that they to become our family.  I have never favored the party scene and am quite content to spend quiet time with close friends and family.

I am also an avid reader which is probably not a surprise to anyone that has known me any length of time.  I can happily read for hours.  The unfortunate problem is I read entirely too fast.  The upside is I read a lot of different genres and have lots of favorite authors.  My favorite gift is gift cards to buy books for my nook:)

That sums up the basics.

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