Saturday, January 31, 2009

Alan Jackson Concert

Last Saturday we went to the Alan Jackson Concert which was fantastic. We were in a group of 12 that went to the concert. We met the group we were going with at the home of one of the guys sisters who lives near the UCF arena. While we are there waiting for everyone to get ready, the sister's roommate came in and was talking to the everyone. Then she looks over and sees Alan and I and said "There are adults here, I hope I did not drop any F bombs". Yes, we were the oldest of the group there, but really was it necessary to call us ADULTS. Of course now I am really confused, because just a few weeks ago the store manager where I am an assistant informed me and the other assistant manager (who is in her 50s) we were not adults :)

Anyway we divide up into two cars and proceed to leave for the concert.We drove my Tahoe which limited the number of number that could go with us. Of course only 3 of us were sober enough to drive. (The sister, Alan and me - wait maybe that is why we classified as ADULTS.) The sister was driving a van with the rowdiest if the group which had three cameras going and the flashes were going off every few minutes for the entire drive.

So, we get to the concert and we find our seats. Everyone begins filing in for the concert and I noticed one of the t-shirts someone was wearing was an AC/DC t-shirt. Dude...are you confused? Of course Alan and I have a very eclectic taste in music so maybe he does to, but AC/DC t-shirt seems a little out place at a country concert. The opening band was from Georgia and the fiddle player was awesome and made me wish Meghan was with us to hear him.

We rally enjoyed the concert. Alan Jackson performed all my favorites for Home. He did not play Alan's favorite Midnight In Montgomery.

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