Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Don't Confuse Us

Alan and I began developing a love affair with lighthouses when we visited a Fort Niagara in 1992. The love was cemented when we spent our honeymoon on Tybee Island 13 years ago. However, to keep the whole lighthouse thing in check, we came up with the rule that the only lighthouses we can collect are ones that we have been to. So now here we are are 17 years after our first lighthouse and we have only managed to see a total of four. With us and our mom's looking, we have quite a collection of Tybee Island lighthouse items.

We have rearranged the living room and have this huge open spot on the wall that is begging for some type of very large picture to be the focal point. The place where Meghan rehearses with the BSYO has paintings that you can place bids on if you are interested in acquiring. Well, there is a painting simply titled Lighthouse that closely looks like it is the Tybee Island lighthouse. Alan and I have been "discussing" whether this was Tybee Island Lighthouse or not. Alan looked at a framed puzzle my mom has of lighthouses and noticed that the painting and the puzzle did not match. Then we continued to "discuss" whether the puzzle was wrong. Alan went to our photo album and looked at the picture that we took 13 years ago. That photo matched the picture we took. While he was doing that, I looked at the magnet on the frig and the framed post office stamp collection I bought Alan for an anniversary gift a couple of years ago. Both these matched the painting. So now we are still "discussing" and not really sure what the heck is going on. We turned to the Internet and found that Tybee Island has been painted in six different ways throughout the decades. In 1999, Tybee Island was reverted to the fourth daymark. So both are right. Now we simply must decide whether to bid on the painting. For all our "discussion", we were both right.

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