Saturday, February 23, 2008

Alan's Ipod

Originally posted on my AOL journal 1/4/2008

Alan upgraded his ipod in September to one of the new and larger 160 GB. Well the end of last week it began to have issues with the screen. After several attempts to reset the gizmo, Alan decided that it was time to visit the Apple store in Orlando to see what they would do about the unit since ot was just barely three months old. They of course had to go through the same processes that Alan had done at home; however, after their attempt failed as well, Alan left with a brand new 160 GB Ipod.

Since I was also off, Meghan and I went along so we could go to Build a Bear Workshop. We had $51 in coupons and gift certificates to spend, so while Alan was dealing with his Ipod, Meghan was busy picking out Pinky and Hello Kitty's wardrobe additions. Hello Kitty will be attending Meghan's dance recitial in June wearing her ballet costume and Pinky will attend wearing a pink and black poodle skirt which was as close as we could get to her tap costume. Of course there were several other items that these two family members nneded.
My big treat was I went to Fredericks and bought some new bras to replace the ones that I can no longer wear due to recent weight loss. This is the first time since Meghan was born that I have been somewhere besides Big Lots or Wal Mart to purchase a bra. However, do not let it be said that I did not shop wisely. I purchased 6 of the 8 off the clearance rack where the items were 50% off the clearance price which made these new additions cheaper than regular price and Wal Mart and the same as Big Lots prices.

Of course a trip for us to Florida Mall is not complete without a trip to the Carlton Cards store. While this is one store that we do have in our mall in Melbourne, I prefer the one in Orlando. I did add 2 new additions to my Cherished Teddies collection. Of course these were alo on sale at 50% off.
Happy New Year to all of us with our treats today. And Happy New Year to all of you that actually take the time to read about our lives here.

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